Nick Rothwell

Founder & Managing Director

Prior to co-founding Helix, Nick has held senior positions at Julius Baer AG (Zurich), Deutsche Bank based in Zurich, Geneva and the Cayman Islands and has been active in the Wealth Management field since 1985. The earlier part of his Trust career started with Walbrook Trustees, then part of Deloitte and Touche in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands. Since leaving private banking Nick has established a Zurich presence for a channel islands based trust company and built a sizable independent trust business together with his Helix co-founder. Nick has extensive experience working in the Trust and Banking industry, first in the administration and management of many different types of structures and more recently in the wealth management and structuring element, where he has worked closely with the clients and their advisors to establish the most ideal wealth solution. Nick is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ACIS).